SES is a leading satellite operator, with a fleet of over 50 geostationary satellites, including the ASTRA system used by Sky and other broadcasters in Europe.


Delivering broadcast satellite services within the home normally requires special cabling and tuners in set-top boxes or television receivers.


SES, Sky and Craftwork jointly developed the SAT>IP™ protocol to allow satellite signals to be converted to internet protocols by a server at the point of reception and distributed over wired or wireless networks within the home to any connected device with compatible client software.

Network-connected televisions, media players, games consoles, computers, tablets and smartphones can all be enabled to receive such services.


  • Based on existing internet protocols: IP, UPnP, RTSP and HTTP
  • Easily integrated into DLNA compliant environments and devices
  • Supports standard unicast or multicast RTP/UDP, or HTTP streams
  • Only the required packets are carried over the IP network


  • Combines the efficiency of satellite distribution with internet protocols
  • Delivers satellite services in any room without special cabling
  • Simplifies multi-room installation, reducing costs
  • Carries all digital services around the home over a data network
  • Integrates broadcast and on-demand services
  • Preserves media quality of streams, avoiding transcoding
  • Enables opportunities to develop new products

SAT>IP is freely available to all manufacturers.