Craftwork employs LUNA to create a world-class user experience for YouSee, the leading pay-television platform in Denmark.

YouSee programme guide developed by Craftwork.


YouSee, the main cable operator in Denmark, is a subsidiary of TDC, the largest telecommunications company in the country.

To retain its leading position and offer a world-class user experience to subscribers, YouSee wanted to provide an entirely new set-top box proposition. YouSee chose Craftwork to help deliver its vision.


The LUNA™ engine from Craftwork facilitated a fast and flexible development environment, while offering fantastic graphics performance.

Craftwork created the entire user interface in only nine months, working in close collaboration with YouSee and its chosen hardware supplier, Humax.

The result was a hybrid service that seamlessly integrates conventional cable channels and on-demand streams delivered online.

Craftwork made the front end and coded all the user experience. They are experts and know an incredible amount about the development of set-top boxes. And they deliver on time.

The newly-developed set-top box has an impressive user interface with outstandingly fast graphics, and we can decide exactly how we want to present our service.

This was only made possible with the great effort Craftwork’s specialists have put into the development of the box. Craftwork helped our vision come alive.

Henrik Harder
Commercial Manager


  • Browse visual programme guide
  • Search programmes by keyword
  • Sort channel list based on user preference
  • Change channels virtually instantly
  • Pause programme, with fast forward and rewind
  • Record up to three programmes simultaneously
  • Access 30-day programme archive
  • Rent the latest movies and library titles
  • Integrate Netflix, HBO and CMORE services
  • Continue viewing on a different device
  • Manage parental controls


YouSee now offers a comprehensive and highly-regarded service with an outstanding user experience that subscribers simply love.

YouSee can easily manage the presentation of the entire user interface and continue to develop features to attract and retain customers in a highly competitive market.

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