Soren Mou Jakobsen

Søren Mou Jakobsen

Co-founder and CEO
Søren has a computer science degree from Københavns Universitet, the University of Copenhagen, and a graduate diploma in organisation and leadership from Copenhagen Business School. He believes in leading by example while having fun.

Joel Ostrowski

Joel Ostrowski

Co-founder and CTO
Joel studied at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, DTU, one of the leading engineering institutions in Europe. As chief technology officer he encourages excellence in engineering and delights in achieving the apparently impossible.

We founded Craftwork in 2002 to build better user experiences for television and video.

We first met in high school and have worked together ever since, initially at a Danish company developing interactive television applications for leading pay-television companies. Working with the limited capabilities of the digital television platforms of the time, we both believed that the user experience could be so much better.

We went on to create Craftwork to develop applications that make the best possible use of the limited resources of digital television and video hardware. Our team of skilled software engineers in Copenhagen has a reputation for rapidly solving hard problems. Our software has now been deployed by service providers in millions of devices worldwide. We are proud to continue to work closely with some of the most successful companies in the industry. We are now using this expertise to provide a range of products and solutions designed to enhance and extend the user experience across any interactive screen.