LUNA™ is an extraordinary user experience engine created by Craftwork.

Unparalleled performance

LUNA enables extremely fast, fluid and flexible visual interfaces on widely-available hardware. Optimized for low-cost embedded systems, LUNA provides high-performance graphics, delivering an amazing user experience.

The LUNA graphics API is specifically designed for video user interface development. It supports high-quality anti-aliased graphics and excellent font rendering. Real-time visual effects offer a modern look and feel.

LUNA graphics, showing weather in Copenhagen.

Graphics animate smoothly in high-definition at a consistent 50 or 60 frames per second, even on low-end devices. Applications can be rapidly developed in JavaScript and significantly outperform HTML5, WebGL or HTML Canvas implementations.

LUNA is not restricted by the legacy requirements of generic HTML browsers and their security sandbox limitations. Applications run in the open source Node.js environment. This offers direct access to the file system, web sockets, low-level networking, decryption and decompression.

LUNA is middleware agnostic, with simple integration of underlying services through REST or D-Bus. The use of JavaScript and Node.js allows alignment of client and back-end software development. Powerful development, debugging and profiling tools are available from Google and the open source community.

LUNA software architecture block diagram.

Business benefits

  • Looks great on low-cost hardware
  • Reduces time to market
  • Easy to develop and maintain

Designer benefits

  • Pixel-perfect placement
  • Excellent typographic control
  • Smooth animation and effects

Developer benefits

  • JavaScript without browser limits
  • Use powerful Node.js libraries
  • Incredibly productive

LUNA currently runs on Cisco Fusion, WyPlay Frog and Humax Octo platforms. Ports are ready for Broadcom 7230 (720p), Broadcom 7252, Broadcom 7241 (1080p), ST iH412 (1080p), and Raspberry PI 2 (1080p). The LUNA engine can usually be ported to new hardware in a day. The only integration points are POSIX and OpenGLĀ ES2.