SAT>IP is a standard that allows people to access services over a local network from compatible satellite or terrestrial television receivers and view them on personal computers, phones, tablets, smart televisions, or other client devices.

Co-developed by SES, Sky and Craftwork, SAT>IP can be used by any manufacturer to produce compatible products.

As a pioneer of SAT>IP technology and co-author of the SAT>IP standard, Craftwork offers a range of off-the-shelf software solutions enabling manufacturers to develop and launch SAT>IP devices, rapidly and cost-effectively.

Craftwork customers have access to proven client and server solutions, and the opportunity to draw on our expertise in the integration, testing and certification of SAT>IP products.

SAT>IP server

The server is a ready-to-integrate solution for use with DVB-S/S2/T/T2 transmission standards. It supports any number of tuners, highly-optimised channel changing, a web interface for setup and diagnostics, and provision for over-the-air updates. It is platform agnostic and has already been ported to ST and Broadcom systems.

SAT>IP client

The client implements the client side of the SAT>IP protocol and is ready to be integrated into televisions and set-top boxes. The SAT>IP client is delivered complete with source code, documentation and engineering support.