Created as a proof of concept for an innovative approach to the television and video viewing experience, the Mercury project provides a demonstration of the Craftwork LUNA framework and how visual interfaces might evolve.

Mercury concept - viewers screen - offers multiple viewing profiles.


With a tight timescale, informitv partnered with Craftwork to develop a working prototype that would demonstrate the intended behaviour on a low-cost device.


Craftwork used its LUNA™ engine to create the user experience based on a series of wireframe designs. With the flexibility of LUNA, the required components were rapidly developed to create a high-fidelity prototype on representative hardware.

Working in partnership with Craftwork was a great experience that allowed us to prototype a new way of watching television. Using LUNA provided refreshing productivity and performance, delivering results in a matter of weeks.

William Cooper


  • Designed for shared viewing on television
  • Personalised welcome screen on start-up
  • Custom viewer profile selection
  • Personal playlist navigation
  • Scheduled and on-demand viewing combined
  • Video transition effects
  • Dynamic presentation between programmes
  • Up, down, left, right, select navigation
  • Compatible with second screen devices


Mercury shows how scheduled and on-demand viewing can be presented in a televisual experience designed around the needs of viewers in shared households.

Using LUNA, this approach could be deployed on low-cost devices by consumer electronics companies or service providers to retain the benefits of traditional television with the flexibility of online video.